Lessons From Bessemer Part 6: Rebecca Green Writes That A Program Is Needed To Organize Workers

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By Working Mass

Unlike most commentators, Rebecca Green’s contribution to the debate in Socialist Alternative is based on that organization’s on-the-ground presence in Bessemer. Green places the blame for the defeat on Amazon’s illegal union busting tactics, and has a generally positive appraisal of labor’s role while offering some friendly criticisms.

Green argues that, based on an over-optimistic view of the campaign, RWDSU failed to sufficiently involve rank-and-file workers in developing the campaign strategy. Green also points out an over-emphasis on media coverage. Green’s novel contribution to the debate is RWDSU’s lack of a clear issue-based program to use as an organizing tool, which seems like a valid critique if true.

Green also rightly points out that, while it is true that the defeat in Bessemer shows the need for the PRO Act, the labor movement should not use this fact as an excuse to avoid the tough conversations needed to overcome our own weaknesses and timidity. She astutely points out that “it is this exact hesitancy from the labor leadership to take a class struggle approach that could doom the PRO Act.” Green’s article is a solid contribution to the conversation.

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