Lessons From Bessemer Part 7: Charmaine Chua Argues Taking On Amazon Requires Uniting Amazonians

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By Working Mass

Charmaine Chua, an organizer with Amazonian’s United, argues in Jacobin that taking on Amazon will take more than organizing one shop at a time. 

Chua investigates what the logistics revolution means for unionizing, drawing lessons from the work of unionized Amazon workers in Germany. She also goes over some of the experiences of Amazonians United, including how that organization has engaged with issues of social reproduction into their organizing work.

Chua issues a limited critique of the RWDSU drive, calling generally for organizers to focus on building worker power from below instead of focusing on top-down staff-driven campaigns. While Chua is right to call for a broader and deeper campaign against Amazon – the type Amazonians United has been building – the question of when to pass from deep organizing to an NLRB election remains unanswered. 

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