Working Mass aims to give a voice to the fighting workers of Massachusetts.

We believe that every worker deserves a union, and every union deserves progressive and militant leadership.

We believe that socialists must fight side by side with workers to win rights and respect on the job, and must fight in their unions to beat back business unionism and break unions from the grip of the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.

Working Mass is a collaboration between Massachusetts chapters and working groups of the Democratic Socialists of America, including Boston DSA (Labor Working Group), Cape Cod DSA, and Worcester DSA.

2024 Managing Editor: Henry De Groot

Editorial Board:

  • Eli Gerzon (Boston DSA Labor), Dan Albright (Boston DSA Labor) Shane Levett (Worcester DSA), Oriana R. (At Large), Vanessa Bartlett (At Large), Henry De Groot (Mass DSA Labor), Nick Weiske (Boston DSA Coordinating Committee)

About the Boston DSA Labor Working Group

The Labor Working Group (LWG) meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month to coordinate our three campaign areas: new worker organizing, union support, and socialist unionism.

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New Worker Organizing
In partnership with the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee(EWOC), the LWG supports efforts by non-unionized workers to fight back against low pay and dangerous conditions. Interested in organizing your workplace or supporting others? Sign up for EWOC.
Union Support
The LWG organizes community support to union events including community forums and picket lines. Sign up for strike support.

Socialist Unionism
The LWG organizes panels and reading groups to unite militant progressives from across the Massachusetts labor movement and to unequivocally advocate for a socialist labor movement.

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