Opinion: HB1094 Is Our Best Weapon Against Uber’s Assault on Worker Rights

By Henry De Groot Big Gig’s tidal wave of propaganda is coming to Massachusetts.  Do you remember when Michael Bloomberg’s radio and TV ads flooded the airwaves? As a presidential candidate in the 2020 Democratic primary, Bloomberg spent around $1 billion dollars—or $3 per U.S. resident—on his campaign. It seemed like his ads—on TV, radio,Continue reading “Opinion: HB1094 Is Our Best Weapon Against Uber’s Assault on Worker Rights”

Tenet’s Dismay : Another Strike Enters the Fray.

By Ariel Banks Dragging the negotiations on by giving little more than crumbs, Tenet’s likely strategy of waiting out the nurses pandemic unemployment might be backfiring…and not just for Tenet. On the Battleground in Worcester, MA Back to back talks occurred last Thursday and Friday between the nurses, MNA and Tenet. The first of which,Continue reading “Tenet’s Dismay : Another Strike Enters the Fray.”