Tenet’s Dismay : Another Strike Enters the Fray.

By Ariel Banks Dragging the negotiations on by giving little more than crumbs, Tenet’s likely strategy of waiting out the nurses pandemic unemployment might be backfiring…and not just for Tenet. On the Battleground in Worcester, MA Back to back talks occurred last Thursday and Friday between the nurses, MNA and Tenet. The first of which,Continue reading “Tenet’s Dismay : Another Strike Enters the Fray.”

Public Hearing Highlights Unemployment Reform Needs at State Level

By Molly Kivi On the importance of unemployment insurance–and how an upcoming public hearing could elevate the need for reform, to the benefit of workers and communities statewide. On July 22nd at 5pm the Commission to Study Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Solvency will hold a public hearing about the importance of safeguarding Massachusetts workers’ accessContinue reading “Public Hearing Highlights Unemployment Reform Needs at State Level”

100 Days of Fortitude at the St. Vincent Hospital Picket Line

Second Longest Nursing Strike in Massachusetts History Clears Day 100 as Tenet Healthcare Corporation Draws Coast to Coast Criticism By Matthew Erlich The St. Vincent nurse’s strike reached a milestone last week on Tuesday, June 15. That day marked day 100 since the nurses walked out to fight for safe patient care and better workingContinue reading “100 Days of Fortitude at the St. Vincent Hospital Picket Line”

Impending Victory At Pavement Coffeehouse: A Blueprint For Boston Café Workers

By Henry De Groot A Short Campaign On Its Way To Victory Pavement Coffeehouse seems set to be Massachusetts’ first unionized café. Last week, just days after a unionization campaign went public, management issued a statement of neutrality and agreed to recognize authorization cards, clearing the path ahead. With an apparent supermajority of 80 employeesContinue reading “Impending Victory At Pavement Coffeehouse: A Blueprint For Boston Café Workers”

Party at the Picket Line

Dispatch: Week 11 at the St. Vincent Hospital strike By Matthew Erlich Spirits were high at the St. Vincent Hospital picket line as DSA members joined striking nurses last Friday (May 21) at St. Vincent Hospital. Despite it being the 11th week since walking off the job to fight for safe conditions for the nursesContinue reading “Party at the Picket Line”

The Invisible Workforce of Delivery-Only Kitchens

This article was originally published in The Dish: A Workers Rag, the newsletter of DSA’s Restaurant Organizing Project. By Henry De Groot With the increase in food delivery during the pandemic, the idea of virtual restaurants is probably familiar to most people in the food service industry by now.  A virtual restaurant operates out ofContinue reading “The Invisible Workforce of Delivery-Only Kitchens”

Taking the Pulse of the St. Vincent Strike

A Report from the Picket Line By Daniel Davis The resolve of the striking St. Vincent nurses has paid off, as hospital owner Tenet Healthcare has said they will resume negotiations sometime next week. I saw firsthand how the nurses’ spirits could not be broken by slander, sleet or seven weeks on the picket line. Continue reading “Taking the Pulse of the St. Vincent Strike”

Strong Safety Net Supports Striking Nurses at St. Vincent Hospital

An Argument for a Permanently Expanded Social Safety Net By Matthew Erlich With news breaking on April 22 that the Massachusetts Nurses Association and Tenet Healthcare will be resuming talks in the coming days, after prolonged stalemate, it’s worth reflecting on a key development that may have played a role in forcing the company’s hand.Continue reading “Strong Safety Net Supports Striking Nurses at St. Vincent Hospital”

Lessons From Bessemer Part 8: Joshua Brewer Responds to Outside Critics

By Working Mass In a lengthy interview with LaborNotes, Joshua Brewer, the head RWDSU organizer on the Bessemer campaign, provides a detailed and valuable account of the campaign from the union’s perspective. He pushes back against critics like McAlevey and argues that the campaign was a worthwhile initiative despite the disappointing result. Brewer disputes theContinue reading “Lessons From Bessemer Part 8: Joshua Brewer Responds to Outside Critics”

Film review: I AM SOMEBODY (1970)

By Dan Albright “I may be poor—but I AM SOMEBODY,” the striking hospital workers cheered, inspiring the title for filmmaker Madeline Anderson’s landmark 1970 documentary. Hundreds of workers, all but twelve of whom were women and all of whom were black, joined together to protest unjust firings and low pay at the Medical College ofContinue reading “Film review: I AM SOMEBODY (1970)”