The Fight Over Rideshare Is Coming To Massachusetts

By Henry De Groot From California to Massachusetts In California, Uber and Lyft are spending more than 100 million dollars on a ballot initiative to strip drivers of their rights. Just a year ago, rideshare drivers in California were able to win Assembly Bill 5, or AB5, which made it clear that drivers are employeesContinue reading “The Fight Over Rideshare Is Coming To Massachusetts”

Marty Walsh Violates BPS COVID Safety Contract

By Amanda Achin & Stephen Mahood Boston Passes 4 Percent COVID-19 Threshold The school year in Boston has just begun, and the city is already violating the contract they agreed to with Boston Public School educators. This Tuesday, the city reported that the rate of positive COVID-19 tests citywide surpassed the 4% line that educatorsContinue reading “Marty Walsh Violates BPS COVID Safety Contract”

The Wave in the Inferno: Introducing Working Mass, a Blog About Labor and Socialism

By Lisa Xu Introducing Working Mass We are launching Working Mass, the labor blog of Boston DSA, in the midst of a national hellscape. We are six months into a pandemic that has thrown our country into the deepest recession since the 1930s, with millions of workers hanging on by the barest scraps of publicContinue reading “The Wave in the Inferno: Introducing Working Mass, a Blog About Labor and Socialism”