Harvard Custodial Workers Organize to Protect Their Jobs

By Michael Ruiz Last week, custodians at Harvard University rallied for a guarantee that the university will not lay off workers in the spring. Harvard does not directly employ a large portion of the custodial workers that manage the custodial services on campus. Rather, the University has contracts with several subcontractors which employ many ofContinue reading “Harvard Custodial Workers Organize to Protect Their Jobs”

Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Charter Schools Must Be Organized

By Max McCullough When I began teaching high school history at a Boston charter school in 2013 there was a mainstream consensus that charter schools were effective and should be fostered and expanded. 2010’s Waiting for Superman was the most visible public expression of a bipartisan political truism, that charter schools would save vulnerable kidsContinue reading “Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Charter Schools Must Be Organized”

BTU Wins Remote Learning, Demands Safe Plan

By Amanda Achin On Wednesday, October 21, the Boston Teachers Union won an enormous victory after a week of organizing against Mayor Marty Walsh’s push to keep educators and students in unsafe buildings for school. It was just a week ago that BTU sued the city of Boston after the city refused to recognize languageContinue reading “BTU Wins Remote Learning, Demands Safe Plan”

In Response To Court Set-Back, Boston Educators To Launch Occupation

By Working Mass After a minor defeat in court this week, the Boston Teachers Union (BTU) has launched a week of action to demand enforcement of their COVID-19 safety contract with Boston Public Schools (BPS). The week of action has begun with a photo campaign and calling the mayor’s office, and will continue next weekContinue reading “In Response To Court Set-Back, Boston Educators To Launch Occupation”

Marty Walsh Violates BPS COVID Safety Contract

By Amanda Achin & Stephen Mahood Boston Passes 4 Percent COVID-19 Threshold The school year in Boston has just begun, and the city is already violating the contract they agreed to with Boston Public School educators. This Tuesday, the city reported that the rate of positive COVID-19 tests citywide surpassed the 4% line that educatorsContinue reading “Marty Walsh Violates BPS COVID Safety Contract”