BU Graduate Workers Build Momentum on Union Drive

By Eli Gerzon Boston – Last week, a lively crowd of a few hundred rallied on Marsh Plaza at Boston University in support of Boston University Graduate Workers United (BUGWU). The union went public this month and is now building up support in the lead-up to eventually filing for a vote to unionize. Speakers talkedContinue reading BU Graduate Workers Build Momentum on Union Drive

Why WPI Grad Workers Need a Union

With a supermajority of cards signed, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Graduate Workers’ Union is filing for a union election with the NLRB. In August, Working Mass spoke with two members of the organizing committee to discuss how the union drive got started, the impact of the pandemic and rising cost of living, and why, in the face of an administration fixated on money, a union is needed to safeguard workers, the broader WPI community, and the institution’s scientific mission.

Victory for Grad Workers, Left Unionists at MIT

By Henry De Groot On Wednesday, graduate student workers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) voted 1785 to 912 in support of unionizing with the MIT Graduate Student Union (MITGSU-UE), an affiliate of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE).  The landslide victory overcame opposition from the university administration and setContinue reading “Victory for Grad Workers, Left Unionists at MIT”

Clark Grad Workers Rally for Recognition

Clark University Graduate Workers United (CUGWU-Teamsters) gathered with supporters on campus Wednesday to urge the administration to voluntarily recognize their union.

Why Clark Grad Workers Decided to Unionize

We spoke with William Westgard-Cruice and Patrick Geiger, two members of the CUGWU-Teamsters organizing committee, about what drove their decision to organize, the administration’s “mental gymnastics,” and how grad student workers fit into the labor movement.

Emerson College Workers Fight For Fair Pay

By Binx Perino Two years of labor organizing started in the Service Employees International Union Local 888 office on Tremont Street when John Albert-Moseley and Anna Feder walked in to unionize the staff workers at Emerson College. John had emergency surgery shortly after being hired by the College and didn’t have the sick hours toContinue reading “Emerson College Workers Fight For Fair Pay”

Harvard Custodial Workers Organize to Protect Their Jobs

By Michael Ruiz Last week, custodians at Harvard University rallied for a guarantee that the university will not lay off workers in the spring. Harvard does not directly employ a large portion of the custodial workers that manage the custodial services on campus. Rather, the University has contracts with several subcontractors which employ many ofContinue reading “Harvard Custodial Workers Organize to Protect Their Jobs”